Grupo Corporación Marbella



The Group Corporation is a business organization whose majority shareholder is controlled by the Binstock group. In the late 70s and mid 80s the group decided to focus part of its future international expansion in Southern Spain and specifically in Marbella and Seville.

As a result, and with an almost visionary character initiated a process of acquisition of land in the northern part of the city of Marbella in enclaves known as "La Cañada", "La Trinidad", "La Serranía", " Ave Maria", "Cristo de Los Molinos", " Hacienda Cortes", "Chorraero" which involved controlling a floor surface which reached over 2,500,000 meters² of floor area and now can be fixed around 2,000 000 meters².

Current Situation.

The operation of the Corporation Group has been supported by subsequent urban development of the city that has had its greatest confirmation with the Approval of the General Urban Plan of Marbella PGOU published in May of 2010.

Today, with the criteria fixed by the above mentioned PGOU, the real estate above mentioned are in the pipeline of various planning tools that we will detail, specifically, for each one.



Grupo Corporación Marbella